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Training to Save Lives Through Simulation

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Training to Save Lives Through Simulation

John Muir Health is committed to providing all patients with high quality, compassionate care.  But as medical technologies, treatments and procedures continue to advance faster than ever before, how can health care professionals become trained and experienced in new techniques without risking patient safety?

Simulation-based learning is a safe and highly effective way for health professionals to develop knowledge, skills, and best practices without involving patients in unnecessary risks.

Simulation training is conducted in settings that replicate actual patient care environments using lifelike mannequins and virtual reality technology to provide the ultimate in experiential learning opportunities for interprofessional health care teams at John Muir Health.  Simulation training equipment funded by donor support creates a safe learning environment where staff can develop, refine and apply knowledge and skills in a realistic clinical situation.

Give health. It’s a priceless gift that can help the lives of so many others.