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Health Net, LLC Helps Integrate Physical and Behavioral Health

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Health Net, LLC Helps Integrate Physical and Behavioral Health

Thanks to funding from Health Net, LLC, our John Muir Health Family Medicine Residency Clinic has integrated behavioral health into its curriculum, allowing our Residents to be fully trained and prepared to address the behavioral health needs of patients like Sarah in the following story.

Sarah has been a patient at the John Muir Health Family Medicine Clinic since its inception in 2017. She has struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder, ongoing financial and family stressors, and was doing her best to navigate the complex medical system with a significant language barrier and no family support. Sarah has experienced suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, substance use, and difficulty concentrating to the point where it impeded her ability to focus on school and work. 

Last year, in the midst of COVID-19, Sarah began experiencing isolation, depression and heightened anxiety and began seeing one of our Residents who had been trained in behavioral health through funds provided by Health Net, LLC. Despite the barriers she was facing, she knew John Muir Health was her trusted medical home. She asked for help, and through our support, she was able to work through her difficulties. Our team worked with Sarah through targeted Integrated Behavioral Health sessions to identify barriers and address them, contributing to several breakthroughs.

Despite these challenges, she always felt safe at our John Muir Health Clinic, largely due to the support she felt while working with our Integrated Behavioral Health team. Sarah attended weekly wellness groups, where a safe space was created for her to focus on herself.

Today, Sarah is doing extremely well and recently reported that the help she received from John Muir Health and our Integrated Behavioral Health team was the greatest help she’s ever received.